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Our Safety Department

The safety functions for our company are handled through both Internal and external monitoring and management processes.

Our Internal safety structure consists of a fully staffed and functioning department which includes the following positions.

  • Safety Director
  • Compliance & Permit Manager
  • Supervisor of On-Boarding Processes & Driver Qualification
  • Supervisor of Log Compliance
  • Log Safety Referee
  • Safety Clerks

Our company also utilizes a nationally recognized safety consulting firm that educates and monitors our internal safety department on a regular basis.

Additional Training

Additional safety training is scheduled proactively for any driver that displays patterns of poor performance. Every effort is provided to bring each driver up to our company's high safety standards and zero tolerance is shown for those who will not improve.

Safety Meetings

Safety meetings are scheduled at regular intervals to maintain safety and compliance standards that exceed federal Department of Transportation requirements. Topics covered in our safety meetings include regulatory changes, traffic pattern changes, weather impacts, and industry trends, along with facility-specific topics.

Specific attention is given to the detailed analysis of any recent accident and ways to prevent such accidents.

Company Recognition for Safe Driving

All safe drivers are recognized with letters of commendation from our President and Safety Director, apparel, and monetary acknowledgments.

Safety Forms

We Reward Safe Driving
Careful, attentive drivers always have a place with us